Our purpose is to bring in contact construction equipment rental companies and their potential customers even if they are not located in the same geographical area.

Cer-co.com is a trusted website that provides instant access for construction companies or different types of users to local suppliers for short and / or long time construction equipment rental. If you need to rent construction equipment and you want to have more choices or you don’t have enough time to surf the internet, this website is your perfect solution. No registration required, updated each day!

For this reason we tried to design a user friendly interface, to ensure that you can easily find rental companies, in less than one minute, following 4 steps: select the equipment type, select the country where your project is located, and select the region. Now all you have to do is to press on “find equipment now” button. After selecting the equipment type we will display only countries and cities where rental depots exist in our database. We will not display countries and cities without rental companies. If you can’t find a rental company near to your site, send us what are you looking for and we will search for you rental companies in you area. This way you get involved in developing this network and this will help you later on.

Rental companies around the world are listed on cer-co.com. This web portal represents a high class instrument for construction companies anywhere in the world."

"We help you find reliable partners for construction equipment rental all over the world"

Our purpose is to create partnerships between rental companies and their potential customers even if they are not situated in the same geographical area.

Access now rental companies worldwide and save money and time. Now it’s easier than ever to find reliable rental partners all over the world.

Save money because you can very easily evaluate the rental offers from companies close to your jobsites, that means less logistics costs.

Save time because now you have access to all the rental companies in a specific location without surfing the internet for long periods of time.